8th Dec 3218 Announcement

Digital Archive System - 08 December 3218
Transcript of Galactic Transmission C20483-D34

The Beginning

Speaking: Jeremy Mallow, Leader of the Enlightened Federation, VP of Intergalactic Trading Guild

Once upon a time, there was a planet called Earth.

It was our home, and we loved it. Some left for a life of reclusion, building Scientific Colonies on Earth's big satellite, the Moon. Some others fled to escape rules, taking over Orbital Stations around a nearby smaller planet called Mars. But even for them, Earth was a home.

When the Moon's Colonies announced the bigger discovery in human history, the R particles, even the ongoing political war for mutual independency between the three factions stopped. Not only this big discovery allowed easy access to an enormous amount of free energy from the space void, but it also theoretically allowed creation of permanent gates between star systems, opening up to a new degree of space exploration.

It was after a few years of unexpected peace and restless common scientific work, that they came for the first time. Their attack was so strong, so sudden, that we took years only to barely understand who or what hit us. In that moment, our only hope to survive was to flee through the new gates, even if they still were not ready, even if it was a step no one took before, even if we left the entire Earth population to face his destiny.

We survived because we fled.

The Colonization

Speaking: Angela Mis, Leader of the Galactic Republic, Chief Psychologist of Scientific Development Association

After our sudden jump through the Gate, we ended up in an unknown Star System. Two colonization ships, around 200.000 men and women, was all that remains of the once powerful Moon Colony.

We spent the following years colonizing a new planet, and building what was necessary to start over. Our advanced technology knowledge rushed us quickly through what today we call the Reconstruction. Soon, we built new ships and started looking for other survivors in every Star System that was registered as a target for test gates opened in the Solar System, hoping to find someone lucky enough to escape the alien destruction.

In a few years, we discovered other two colonies of survivors, one from Earth and one from Orbital Colonies. Like us, they were able to colonize a planet and building ships, trying to quickly settle down and be prepared for what we feared could come after us. But no one came.

Slowly, we forgot our ancestral home, we forgot our fears, and we learned to live a new life, in a new society, on new planets. We gained independency in a unexpected and painful way, and our Republic became prosperous and strong. Both the Federation and the Empire were busy, like us, colonizing planets and systems, extending their influence over Galactic Sectors. Again, there was enough space and resources for everyone, our technologic and scientific advancement surpassed every optimistic forecast our ancestors could have, and more than ever, we lived in peace.

And again, out of nowhere, here they are.

The War

Speaking: Augustus Riose, Leader of the New Orbital Empire, Chief Security Officer of Mercenary Alliance

We're again facing the most dangerous threat humankind has ever faced.

Alien presence was reported in some external Imperial sectors systems, where they attacked some of our far Imperial Observer Station. We know them. These aliens, these Neldai, nearly exterminated our race, centuries ago, in their first attack. We were weak, like ants trying to survive under a fire storm, but anyway we were strong enough to survive. And we survived.

And in all these centuries of colonization, of expansion, of scientific advancements, we didn't forget them. We didn't forgive them. We still remember, and we still hear the voice of vengeance calling us. And now, we no longer are the ants they found when they hit us by surprise in our old Solar System. We no longer are the weaklings they tried to wipe out from existence.

Now, we are strong! We are powerful! And trust me, brothers of the Empire! Trust me, friends of the Republic, friends of the Federation! They will discover the hard way that we can fight back, and fight back harder then they could even imagine!

Now, brothers, friends, we will get out revenge.

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