Refining a Raw Resources you can obtain the correspondent Refined Resource, good for Crafting and Distillation.

Refining requirements

The refining process is carried out using a Refining Facility in a Base Station.

The Facility will access the Corporation Cargo on the same Station for the required Raw Resources.

Refining time

Refining activities will take 1 second every 100 tons of Raw Resources to complete.

Refining result

Every Raw Resource, after refining process, is converted in a smaller quantity of correspondent Refined Resource.

Resulting Refined Resource quantity is a percentage of the starting Raw Resource quantity; the percentage is based on the Resource used.

Resource Efficiency
Titanium 60%
Electranium 60%
Carborundum 50%
Xayatum 40%
Silicium 60%
Fresium 50%
Yantalium 40%
Bastantium 60%
Fosmanium 50%
Krisbernatum 40%

Resulting quantity is increased according to Agent's Refining and Advanced Refining Skills value: each point in Skills increase this resulting quantity by 1%.

Example: Refining 1000 tons of Raw Bastantium will produce 600 tons of Refined Bastantium. An Agent with Refining Skill at level 25 and Advanced Refining Skill at level 15 will have a refining bonus of 40%. Thus, the actual resulting quantity of Refined Bastantium for that Agent will be 840 tons.

Refining queue

Refer to Base Station Manufacturing facilities section for queue rules.

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