Base Stations

Base Stations are majestic entities generally found orbiting around a planet or floating in deep spaces, where Corporations can dock ships and store cargo Items. Also, here Agents can craft, process and trade Items.


Every Corporation can dock an unlimited amount of Ships in any Base Station.

Corporation Cargo

Every Corporation can buy some Corporation Cargo space on a Base Station.

Corporation Cargo allows Corporation Ships to unload Items on the station, and Agents can use these Items in Manifacture facilities and for trading.

A starting corporation receive one free cargo bay on one Base Station in the central System for his Faction.

Corporation Cargo in Base Stations can be puschased in slots of 500'000 tons each. Every successive slot on the same Base Station will have an increasingly higher price.

Base Station Manufacturing facilities

Base Stations can have one or more Crafting, Refining and Distillation facilities.

Corporations can make use of them through Agents with the required knowledge and skills, and having the appropriate Resources in their Corporation Cargo on the Station.


Accessing a Manufacturing queue requires a tax payment.

Every Resource has a Unit Tax amount. The sum of each Unit Tax amount of every ton of Resources used in the Manufacture process is the Taxable Amount.

The final tax amount is a percentage of the Taxable Amount, and is set by the Station owner. The minimum percentage is 10 %.

The paid tax is never refunded, even if the activity fails for any reason.

Manufacturing Process

The Agent enters the Manufacturing queue.

When the turn arrives and the activity starts, the initial resources are consumed. The activity itself will take some time to complete; at the end, the resulting Items are placed in the Corporation Cargo, and the Agent is removed from the queue.

If the appropriate resources are no longer in the Corporation Cargo when the turn arrives, the activity is immediately aborted, nothing is consumed or produced, and the Agent is removed from the queue, losing his turn. Credits paid for the tax are lost.

An Agent can occupy one spot in one queue on one Station at a time.

When in a queue, an agent cannot leave the station.

It is possible to leave a queue at any moment, losing paid credits and aborting the activity. If the queue is left while the activity is already started, resources consumed for the activity are also lost.

Base Station ownership

Base Station are owned by an Holding.

When built by a Corporation Ship, the resulting owner Holding will be the Corporation Holding.

Base Station building

Holding CEO or Holding Managers with appropriate Station Logistic permissions can use their Ships to build an Holding-owned Base Station.

A Base Station can be built fitting a Base Station Builder Component on a Ship, and bringing the Ship in the desired (allowed) location. Upon activation, the Ship will start building the Base Station. After some small amount of time, the Station will be built, destroying the Ship in the process. Every Agent on the Ship will be moved to the new Station.

Planetary Station can be built being near a Planet. Only one Planetary Station per planet is admitted.

Deep Space Station can be built if there are no Planets and other Base Station whitin a range of 300'000'000 Km.

A newly built Base Station can be filled with Modules. Available number of Module slots varies depending on Station type being built.

Holding Base Stations Types

Deep Space Base Station

Every Base Station placed in deep space, far from planets and other Base Stations, is considered a Deep Space Station.

Deep Space Stations have a smaller number of available Module slots.

To build a Deep Space Station, the Holding must have a friendly standing with the Faction owning the system. The higher the centrality of the System, the higher the standing required will be.

Centrality is the number of Gateway jumps from the Safe (green) System of the owning faction.

Jumps from Safe Systems Required Holding Standing
0 750'000
1 500'000
2 250'000
3 150'000

Holdings cannot have more than one Deep Space Station per System.

Planetary Base Station

Base Stations orbiting around a planet are Planetary Station. There can be only one Base Station orbiting a Planetary.

Planetary Stations allow the owner Holding to continuosly mine the planet, through the use of a specific Module.

Planetary Stations have a bigger number of available Module slots.

Planetary Stations determines the owner Faction of the system: the ruling Faction will be the one with the higher number of Holding owning Planetary Station.

When a Planetary Station is built or conquered, System ownership is recalculated. On a tie, the older Faction retain the ownership. If a Faction shift occurs, the Holding will receive a big positive standing shift for its Faction.

Planetary Station location and risks

A Planetary Station is continuosly at risk to be attacked by Aliens, Pirates and other hostile Factions.

The chance to be attacked depends on System location: the higher the distance from the central System of the Faction, the higher the chance to be attacked.

So, having a Planetary Station on external systems is a risky business... but can bring great rewards.

Planetary Stations and mining

Once a Planetary Station has been built, it will mine the planet if equipped with mining Modules.

Mining is automatically done by the mining modules, and the resulting resources are placed in Holding cargo, as long as there is free space available.

Holding Cargo

Holding-owned Base Stations fitted with Holding Cargo Modules can provide a common Cargo space for the Holding.

Every Holding member can put Items in Holding Cargo. Taking Items from Holding Cargo is permitted to Holding CEO and Managers with Storage Management permission.

Base Station Upkeep

Holding-owned Base Station have an upkeep cost that depends on the number of installed Manifacturing Modules (Refining / Crafting / Distillation) and Mining Modules, with a base upkeep cost of 10 credits per Base Station.

Upkeep payment happens every hour directly from Holding Bank Account.

Upkeep payment failure results in taxes from Manufacture queues being lost. Also, failing to pay upkeep for up to 15 days will flag the Base Station as Conquerable.

If no Holding member logs in for 60 days, upkeep payment is frozen and all Base Stations for that Holding are flagged as Conquerable.

Correctly funding the Holding Bank Account and/or logging in often will be enough to make tax collection works again and to remove the Conquerable flag, starting at the next hour check (not immediately). First payment after a payment failure will cost double.


Modules can be installed on Holding Base Station to provide facilities and features.

Modules List

Available Modules are:

  • Holding Cargo Module
  • Mining Laser Module
  • Manufacture Modules
    • Crafting Module
    • Refining Module
    • Distillation Module
  • Defence Modules
    • External Defence Module
    • Internal Defence Module

Modules installation and removal

Modules can be installed and removed by Holding CEO and Managers with Station Logistic permissions.

To remove a manufacture Module, the corresponding queue must be empty. This can be achieved making the queue private, and asking Guild Members to leave that queue empty for removal.

Module settings

Manufacture taxation

Holding CEO or Managers with Station Logistic permissions can change Manufacture tax rate.

Tax rate minimum values are 5% for refining, 6% for distill and 10% for crafting. All income from taxes up to those minimum values are automatically paid to main Faction; everything over the minimum values goes to the Holding.

Example: if tax rate for crafting is set to 15%, 50 Credits on a total tax payment of 150 Credits will be earned by the Holding.

Manufacture private queues

Holding CEO or Managers with Station Logistic permissions can make Facility queues private.

When a Facility queue is private, only Holding members can use them. They no longer appear to everyone else as available.

Corporation that are not Holding members already in queue when it become private will retain their place and complete that single activity normally.

Base Station and Holding dissolution

If the Holding owning the Base Station ceases to exist, the Base Station become ownerless; NPC Agents will leaves the Station, and Manifacture Modules and Mining Modules will freeze, putting Queues on hold after completing the current activities; every installed Defence module will be destroyed, and Items in Holding Cargo will be lost.

An ownerless Base Station can be easily conquered, using the standard procedure for Station Conquering.

Everything else will work as usual.

Base Station conquering

A Conquerable Base Station can be recognized by the fact that its Hull/Armor/Shield bars are visible.

To conquer a Base Station you must attack it and lower its Hull Points to zero. Stations have a fixed Hull Regen of 2000/sec.

While a Base Station is under attack, it is forbidden to dock on it or access Holding Cargo.

When Hull Points drop to zero, the Base Station is ready to be boarded and conquered. Also, the content of Holding Cargo will be expelled in a container.

To dock and reclaim ownership for the Base Station, a member of a Holding needs to dock one of his Ships on the Station while there are no Ships belonging to another Holding in a range of 5 Km around the Base Station. Docking is prevented as long as multiple Holdings have Ships around the Base Station.

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