Ships can adventure together in space, forming a Fleet. While in Fleet, they will share rewards and fame.

Creating a Fleet

Corporation can create a Fleet just inviting, from a Corporation Ship, another Ship. The invited Ship can be owned by the same Corporation as well as another one.

The inviting Ship will become the Fleet Leader. Fleet Leader is the only one that can invite or kick Fleet Members.

Joining a Fleet

Ship owned by the same Corporation will join the Fleet automatically upon invitation.

Other Ships, if directly controlled, will receive a Fleet join request. If they accept the request, they will join the Fleet.

Ships of other Corporation not being directly controlled will not receive any message and will not join the Fleet.

The maximum allowed number of Fleet Member is seven.

Leaving a Fleet

It is always possible for a Ship to leave a Fleet.

When a Ship is destroyed, it automatically leaves the Fleet.

Fleet Leader can kick a Ship from the Fleet.

If the Fleet Leader leaves a Fleet, another Fleet Leader will be randomly selected.

When a Ship leaves a Fleet of two members, the Fleet is automatically disbanded.

Fleet effect

Being in a Fleet allows Fleet Members that are in the same Systems to share Experience, Standing and Money rewards. Refer to Experience, Standing and Combat sections for detailed rules.

Fleet members will have specific GUI indicators to quickly identifying enemies targeting your allies. Refer to GUI section for detailed rules.

Also, Corporation controlling a Ship while in Fleet wil share a common chat.

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