Every Item can be freely traded between Corporations, using the Galactic Market Systems.

Market announcements

Post Announcements

Every Corporation Agent can post sale or purchase announcements on the Galactic Market System. While announcements are present on the Market, Agents can't leave the Base Station.

Announcements can be about an Item to sell (sale announcement) or about an Item to buy (purchase transaction). In both cases, the Agent set a quantity and a unit price.

Sale announcements are limited to Items available in the Corporation Cargo; as long as the sale announcement is posted, specified quantity of that Item must stay inside Corporation Cargo, and it will not be possible to transfer it anywhere.

Purchase announcements can be about any available Item in the game. Total credits, calculated from unit price and quantity set, will be taken from Corporation Bank Account account in advance, and Cargo Space will be reserved.

Selected Corporation Agent will take care of the Trading operations and, in case, complete the transaction automatically.

Find announcements

Every Corporation Agent can access the Galactic Market System and query it.

It is possible to search for sales or purchase announcements of certain Item Types, optionally adding filters for specific Categories to the query.

Depending on the Agent Market and Advanced Market Skills level, result may include Agents selling Items on other Systems: the higher the skill, the farther the included Systems will be.

Trading Operations

Finding an announcement does not imply that the transaction can be actually completed: Agents must still be on the same Base Station to actually trade Items.

Every Corporation Agent can travel to a Base Station and obtain a list of Agents selling or buying Items, and directly trade with them.

There must be enough Corporation Cargo space on that Base Station to host Items being sold or bought.

There must be enough credits on Corporation Bank Account to buy Items in the desired quantity, or the entire transaction will fail.

Depending on the Agent Market and Advanced Market Skills level, resulting price for Items sold or bought from NPC Agents may include a discount. This means that different Agents will query the Market and travel to complete the transaction, actual price could be different from the one originally found.

Sales Tax

Every sale transaction will sustain a 10% Tax.

This means that if a Corporation put a Sale Announcement, its actual income from the sale will be 90% of the requested price.

Trading Experience

Every Time an Item is sold, automatically through a sale annoucement or directly through a Trade operation, Corporations will gain Trading Experience.

Refer to Experience section for detailed rules.

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