One of the main assets of a Corporation are Ships. Ships sails in space under the command of your Agents, fighting, mining and transporting people and cargos between systems.

Ship List

A comprehensive list of every ship that can be acquired by player corporations can be found on

Ship Properties

Every Ship has some properties that defines his ability to sail through space and interact with other space entities.

Structural Integrity

Ship Integrity is defined by these values:

  • Hull Points: represent Ship Hull structural integrity.
  • Armor Points: it is possible to install an Armor, that absorb damages before Hull.
  • Shield Points: it is also possible to install a Shield, that protect both Hull and Armors.

Every damages goes first to Shield (if any), then to Armor (if any) and finally to Hull, lowering the current amount of the correspondent value.

If Hull Points drop to 0, the ship is permanently destroyed.

Armor can be repaired and Shield can be recharged though use of Active or Interactive Components. Hull can be only repaired docking on a Base Station.

R Points

Ship Energy supply is defined by R Points.

Components like Engines or Generators will raise the R regeneration rate. This will provide Ship with some R every second.

Every Active or Interactive installed components will need R energy to work, and will lower this value. Refer to Components section for detailed rules.

Cargo space

Every Ship has a Cargo Space. This space is defined by the Hull base value, and can be increased with specific Components.

Ships speeds, acceleration and size

Ships movement performance are influenced by installed Components, like Engines and Boosters, and defined by these values:

  • Linear Speed: defines maximum achievable speed in linear movements
  • Linear Acceleration: defines acceleration (and deceleration) in linear movements
  • Angular Speed: defines turning speed

All this values are influenced by Ship Size: the bigger the Ship, the lower the speeds and acceleration will be.

Fitting Components

A ship is composed by a Hull and a number of installed Components. Both Hull and installed Components contribute to final Ship statistics.

Fitting process

Each Hull have a definite number of Component slots of each type, and a maximum totale space available for all components.

Most Component can (or sometimes must) host Agents in their Seat, allowing them to provide Ships with their Skill bonuses.

The process of filling Hull slots and Component Seats with a valid combination of Components and Agent is called fitting.

Ships can be fitted while docked, exchanging Components and Agents between Ship and Station space.

Undock requirements

In order to undock from a Base Station, a Ship must meet some fitting requirements:

  • every Component that requires an Agent must have one embarked on it;
  • the sum of allocated Character Points for all embarked Agents must satisfy the minimum Character Points required by the Hull;
  • an engine Component must be installed.

Ship Destruction

When Hull Points drop to 0, the ship is permanently destroyed.

Every Agent will be safe: safety pod will transport them quickly to the nearest Base Station.

The Ship will become an ownerless Relic. Some of the Cargo Items and fitted Components may remain inside the Relic, available for looting.

There is no way to repair a destroyed Ship: it is permanently lost.

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