Components fitted on a Ship determines her capabilities and characteristics.

A comprehensive list of every component can be found here.

There are three types component available:

Passive Components

Passive Components provide some bonuses to the ship, just by fitting them. No actions are needed to make them work.

Active Components

Active Components provide some bonuses to the ship while in online state.

After being activated the Component applies its bonus until deactivation.

Active components consumes R when activated and while they are in active state.

Interactive Components

Interactive Components apply effects on other entities while operating, depending on the component effect type.

While operating the Component applies its effect autonomously and repeatedly until interruption.

If the effect target becomes no longer visible (goes out of visible range, is destroyed, etc.), the component is automatically interrupted.

Interactive components consumes R upon operation start, and for each effect application.

Component Status

Each Component can be in a specific status, depending on his type:


This is the Component initial status.

Every Component can be in this status.

Passive Components in this state apply their bonuses.


Only Active Components can be in this status.

Active Components in this state apply their bonuses.


Only Interactive Components can be in this status.

Interactive Components in this state apply their effect on other space entities.

Changing Status

Component status can be changed, in this way:

  • Active Components in offline status can be activated, bringing them to online status.
  • Active Components in online status can be deactivated, bringing them to offline status.
  • Interactive Components in offline status can be operated, bringing them to operating status.
  • Interactive Components in operating status can be interrupted, bringing them to offline status.

Component status schema.png


A Shutdown will occur when a Ship runs out of R while Active Components are online or Interactive Components are operating.

In that case, every online and operating Components will be immediately taken offline, and will instantly cease applying their bonuses and effects.


Every component has a cooldown duration.

Cooldown timer starts when activating or operating Components, or when Interactive Components effect applies.

Cooldown times does not start when interrupting or deactivating Components.

While in cooldown, the component has to wait to be activated or operated, or to apply effects again.

For Interactive Components, the time between each autonomous effect applications is represented by the cooldown itself. The first effect application will kicks in right after the operating cooldown wears off.


Passive and Active Components can provide one or more bonus.

A bonus applies to a Ship property, directly adding his value to the ship value.

For example: a bonus of 100 to Armor will raise the maximum armor value of the Ship by 100.

Bonuses from multiple components stacks up.


Interactive Components applies an effect on other space entities.

Generally speaking, everything you can do with your Ship to other space entities is done through an Interactive Component effect. Examples of effects are weapon damage, shield recharging, or asteroid mining.

An effect is automatically applied every time the cooldown wears off the Component, while it is in operating state.

The effect amount heavily varies with distance, being at his maximum inside the Point Blank Range and at his minimum outside the standard Range.

Effects never miss.

Component effect amount variation.png


A component could have a seat for an Agent.

Seats occupation can be optional or mandatory. When mandatory, an Agent must occupy it for the Ship fitting to be considered valid.

Every seat has a Skill requirement that needs to be met for the Agent to occupy it.

When an Agent occupy a seat, it provides all his skill bonuses to the entire Ship (i.e. not only the skill used to meet seat skill requirements, and not only for the components he resides).

Bonuses from the same Skill by different Agents in the same Ship does not stack up: only the higher one will be used.

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