Almost every Hull, Component and Module can be crafted. Even if the process can be quite long and complex, it usually is the cheapest way to acquire an Item.

Crafting requirements

The crafting process is carried out using a Crafting Facility in a Base Station.

The Facility will access the Corporation Cargo on the same Station for the required Refined Resources.

An Agent must have the proper crafting Skill and knowledge of the specific Blueprint in order to access the Crafting Facility queue.

Crafting time

Crafting activities will take some time to complete. This time depends on the Item itself and desired quantity.

Crafting time is reduced according to Agent's crafting Skills value: each point in the required skill and every prerequisite skills reduce the crafting time by 1%.

Example: Crafting time for "Tearaway" Hull is 3 hours, and the required skill is "Hull Crafting" at a minimum level of 10. Hull Crafting is a second level Skill, and its prerequisite is the first level skill "Ship Crafting" at level 25. An Agent with "Ship Crafting" at level 25 and "Hull Crafting" at level 15 will receive a time reduction of 40%. Thus, the actual time to craft one "Tearaway" Hull for that Agent will be 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Crafting queue

Refer to Base Station Manufacturing facilities section for queue rules.

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