Being part of an Holding provide some advantages to Corporations: a private Holding chat, a chance to own one or more Holding Base Station, and hopefully a pact of mutual assistance with other members.

Holding Creation

To create a Holding, a Corporation must have an Honored reputation toward the chosen Faction, pay a small tax and choose a name.

Upon creation, the founding Corporation becomes the Holding CEO, and can start recruiting new members.

After an Holding has been created, the Holding CEO has 24 hours to find at least another two members.

Holding Dissolution

In any moment, the Holding CEO can dissolve the Holding.

If an Holding remains with less then three members, some hard limitations will be applied:

  • deposits to Bank Account will be blocked
  • deposits to all Holding Cargo will be blocked
  • Modules installation on all Base Stations will be blocked
  • Planetary Base Stations mining activities will be suspended
  • Base Station Defence Modules will not work
  • construction of new Base Stations will be blocked

Refer to Base Station section for rules about Base Station and Holding Dissolution.

Joining and leaving an Holding

To join an Holding, a Corporation must receive an invitation from Holding CEO or a Manager with Human Resource permission.

Leaving an Holding is always possible, in any moment, with only one exception for the Holding CEO.

For a CEO to leave his Holding, he must first pass Holding Leadership to another Corporation, or dissolve the Holding.

A Corporation can be kicked from a Holding by the CEO or a Manager with Human Resources permissions. Only exception is the Holding CEO, that can't be kicked out.

Holding Assets

Holding Bank Account

Holdings have a dedicated Bank Account where members can deposit credits.

Only CEO and Managers with Financial Administration permission can withdraw from this account.

Holding Base Station upkeep costs will be automatically paid with credits from this account.

Holding Station Cargos

On each Base Station that the Holding acquires or builds, there will be a dedicated Holding Cargo space where members can deposit Item.

Only CEO and Managers with Storage Administration permission can withdraw Items from this Cargo space.

Holding permissions

Holding CEO have access to every Holding properties, function and setting. He can also delegate some of this power to trusted Holding members.

Available permissions are:

  • Human Resources:
    • Invite and Accept new members
    • Kick out members
    • Moderate Holding Chat
  • Station Logistic:
    • Build new Base Stations
    • Set Tax Rate
    • Set Manufacture Facilities permissions
    • Install and Uninstall Modules on Holding Stations
    • Manage Station Manufacturing Queues
  • Storage Management
    • Withdraw Items from Station Holding Cargos
  • Financial Administration
    • Withdraw Credits from Holding Bank Account

Multiple permissions can be granted to a Corporation.

Permission can be granted or revoked only by CEO.

Holding Standing

Holdings have their dedicated Standings toward every Faction, like Corporations.

Upon creations, Holdings inherits Standing Values from founding Corporation.

When member Corporations through their actions manage to gain or lose Standing toward a Faction, part of this shift is reflected on Holding Standing values. Actions from CEO and Managers results in greater shifts.

Refer to Standing section for rules about Standing and Holdings.

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