Through distillation, it is possible to obtain small amount of rarest Resources from more common ones.

Distillation requirements

The distillation process is carried out using a Distillation Facility in a Base Station.

The Facility will access the Corporation Cargo on the same Station for the required Refined Resources.

Distillation time

Distillation activities will take 1 second every 50 tons of Starting Refined Resources to complete.

Distillation result

Every Refined Resource, after distillation process, is converted in a smaller quantity of another Refined Resource.

Starting Resource Distilled Resource
Titanium Carborundum
Electranium Carborundum
Carborundum Xayatum
Silicium Fresium
Fresium Yantalium
Bastantium Fosmanium
Fosmanium Krisbernatum

Resulting Distilled Resource quantity will be 10% of the Starting Resources quantity.

Resulting quantity is increased according to Agent's Distillation and Advanced Distillation Skills value: each point in Skills increase this resulting quantity by 1%.

Example: Distilling 1000 tons of Bastantium will produce 100 tons of Fosmanium. An Agent with Distillation Skill at level 25 and Advanced Distillation Skill at level 15 will have a distillation bonus of 40%. Thus, the actual resulting quantity of Fosmanium for that Agent will be 140 tons.

Distillation queue

Refer to Base Station Manufacturing facilities section for queue rules.

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