Color Codes

When another ship is within visibility range (1000 Km), its icon color will show you an estimate of its combat power compared to your own controlled ship.

Grey Much weaker, no xp/money/standing gained
White Weaker
Yellow Somewhat weaker
Orange Somewhat stronger
Red Stronger
Purple Much stronger


Aggro is used on NPC and uncontrolled PC ships.

The enemy ship with the highest aggro is the one choosed by the AI as a target.

Ships gets attacked by NPC when their standing toward NPC faction is "at war" (-750'000 or less)

NPC ships will usually attack enemy ships within a range of 15 Km.

Uncontrolled PC ships will only defend themselves when attacked. After that, aggro will be used to choose the target between attackers.

Aggro amounts

Aggro value is modified as follow:

  • Ship damaging enemy:: 1 point per damage dealt
  • Ship interactive repair/recharge/transfer on a fighting ally: 1 point every 2 points repaired/recharged/transferred
  • Ship active repair/recharge: 1 point every 2 points repaired/recharged


Usually, destroying a Ship that has a negative Standing toward System's owner provides some credits as a bounty reward.

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