Gates of Horizon geopolitic system is based on Factions.

Corporations and Holdings have a specific Standing toward each Faction, defining how much they are seen as a friend or an enemy, and behave accordingly (for example giving them access to their best items through their NPC vendors or attacking them out in open space).

Factions also have an inter-Factions Standing, defining relationships that directly influence every Standing shift.

Major, Playable Factions

Galactic Republic (Republic)

The Galactic Republic was founded by colonial ships coming from Moon Colonies.

Back in ancient times, Moon Colonies were created to serve as advanced scientific outposts. They quickly attracted Earth's best minds, and following a rigid immigration policy based on very hard tests they was able to restrict population and eventually become the only source of every major technological advance.

Today's Republic strongly feels this legacy, and still holds a great technological advantage on other Factions.

Relations: Allied with New Orbital Empire, Enlightened Federation

New Orbital Empire (Empire)

The New Orbital Empire was born after decades of war between settlements founded by ships coming from ancient Orbital Colonies.

Ancient Orbital Colonies was built to alleviate Earth sudden overpopulation problems, rushing, without proper investments and immigration control, and they quickly became a host for people fleeing from Earth's justice. Earth govermnent tried sending police and army squads, but after many years of civil war they eventually left the Colonies to their fate.

The actual Empire has evolved in a military society, where people strongly believe in order and strength.

Relations: Allied with Galactic Republic, Enlightened Federation

Enlightened Federation (Federation)

Enlightened Federation colonies directly descends from original Earth inhabitants ships.

While Moon colonist was re-developing scientific advancements, and Orbital people was battling among themselves, Earth citizens tried to settle and collaborate to build better and bigger colonies, trying to improve life quality and wealth. They quickly formed a Federation of colonies that, in time, has grown into the Enlightened Federation.

Citizens of the Federation feel that nothing is more important than their freedom, and they are well-known trader around the galaxy.

Relations: Allied with Galactic Republic, New Orbital Empire

Minor, Non Playable factions

Scientific Development Association

The Scientific Development Association is a Trader Faction founded by some of the best Republican engineers.

They always look for smart scientist to improve the design of their engines and electronic components.

Relations: Mutual interests with Galactic Republic

Mercenary Alliance

Mercenary Alliance as a trading Faction was born after other Factions showed great interest in buying Imperial improved weapons.

They are well known all around the galaxy for providing the most performing weapons and related components.

Relations: Mutual interests with New Orbital Empire

Intergalactic Trading Guild

The Intergalactic Trading Guild was created by a small Federal community of miners, devoted to mining and cargo operations.

They are especially involved in the design and production of hulls, cargo components and mining laser.

Relations: Mutual interests with Enlightened Federation

Last Alliance Wardens (LAW)

L.A.W. is a cross-faction police force that patrols core systems, enforcing laws and preventing attacks from aliens and pirates.

Relations: Mutual interests with Galactic Republic, New Orbital Empire, Enlightened Federation

Space Manufacturers Organization

The Space Manufacturers Organization is a small but powerful trading Faction created by great engineers from all the three main Factions.

They specialized themselves in the design and manufacturing of shields and armor components.

Relations: Mutual interests with Galactic Republic, New Orbital Empire, Enlightened Federation

Renegade Factions


Smugglers move around the galaxy trading second hands items and blueprints.

Many people states that their Pirate friends are their best source of goods, but they absolutely deny every allegation and always reassure everyone that their goods always come from wrecks and legal market...

Relations: Neutral toward Galactic Republic, New Orbital Empire, Enlightened Federation


Pirates are often believed to lack a real organization, but more than one experienced trader strongly suggests to reconsider this statement.

They are a real danger, and everyone sailing in space should stay away from them, or expect a tough fight.

Relations: Hostile towards Galactic Republic, New Orbital Empire, Enlightened Federation


The Neldai are the dreadful alien menace that, once again, is attacking all human outposts.

Every Faction is actively trying to push them back, but the war has just started and is far from its ending...

Relations: At war with Galactic Republic, New Orbital Empire, Enlightened Federation

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